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What is Hamilton Direct?
In this difficult market, where selling your Spanish property is proving to be an impossible task, Hamilton Homes is launching a cut price direct service.

Vendors are desperately having to slash prices to sell their properties. This, coupled with an agent’s commission is making the selling process even tougher.

In an effort to help our vendors we are streamlining our services and will only charge for services as and when you need them.

The Hamilton Homes direct service will cost from as little as 499€ (incl. VAT). This will represent a great saving on the 5%+VAT commission that we normally charge. This will also mean that you can price your property to undercut the rest of the market.

The aim is for buyers and sellers to get together, minimize costs and only use our services as and when you need them.

As a locally based real estate agent, we are ideally situated to offer this service.

How does Hamilton Direct work?
- Your property will be advertised on our site as well as our collaborating portals.
- Your property will be clearly marked as a direct listing property and potential buyers will be encouraged to contact you directly.
- Buyers will be charged a small fee to receive your contact details, this serves to filter out only the genuinely interested buyers.
- You will then be free to negotiate with the buyer and arrange the sale yourself.
- No further commission is payable to Hamilton Homes.

What are the benefits of Hamilton Direct?
- You pay 0% commission to Hamilton Homes
- You see enquiries coming in and can personally take control of any price changes etc.
- You will have more flexibility on price as there is no agents commission
- You get free advice on pricing strategy in the current market
- Hamilton Direct will only have local properties on the site

But we need agent involvement - do we lose this?

Hamilton Homes Real Estate Agency can have as much or as little involvement as you require

For example, if you are abroad or simply do not want to personally show your own property, Hamilton Homes will be available to show the potential buyer. A viewing fee of 35 € (Incl VAT) per visit is payable.

You will decide which buyers are serious and can decide which can view. All Hamilton Homes staff are bilingual and can be at hand to help out with Spanish buyers.

The negotiation process and preparation of sale documents can be a stressful process.
Hamilton Homes direct offers a negotiation and conveyancing service of only 1% of the sales price. We will negotiate the best price for you and will prepare the following paperwork:- Up to date Nota Simple, Licence of 1st occupation, IBI bill, community certificate, catastral plan, fiscal value. We will also present you with a breakdown of the sales figures.

What next?
If you would like your property to appear as a direct listing on the Hamilton Homes website, first start by clicking below and inputting your property details photos etc using our easy step by step guide. Once you submit the form in, we will check the details and send you a link to pay us using your paypal account or a credit or debit card. As soon as confirmation of payment is received, we will publish your property online and start marketing it.

If you have multiple properties, see below for tariffs.

No. of Properties Hamilton Direct Listing Service
1 499 Euros (incl. IVA)
2 700 Euros (incl. IVA)
3 – 5 Properties 1000 Euros (incl. IVA)

Please note that Hamilton Homes Direct Service is an exclusive service and we reserve the right to reject or accept a property as a direct listing. Should you require any further information or wish to contact us, please write to us at hamiltondirect@hamilton-homes.com.

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