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Yes, selling resale properties is pretty tough.  Firstly banks are offering repossessions at throw away prices, secondly developers are offering brand new properties at unbeatable prices with incredible finance and finally you, the seller needs to pay 5% commission to the agent selling the property.

YOU MAKE THE CHOICES; 0% agents commission

YOU MAKE THE CHOICES; 0% agents commission

At a time when bank financing, and taxation law (higher costs of purchase on resale) are against you, you need to squeeze your price down to a minimum.  And how on earth can you make your property competitive if you have to pay 5% commission to an agent??

Well, imagine a world where there was no agents commission, a place where you, as a seller, became empowered to sell your property, a place where you could choose how you to present your property, you decide which pictures should appear, you write as much or as littl eas you want and you get space to do so on a local agents blog.  A place where you still enjoy the benefits of agent support but have the freedom and choice to use them for the services you require.

You have the choice – you need us, you use us, you don’t need us, you don’t have to pay extra. BUT YOU DECIDE.

We have this service for you, find out more about listing your property on Hamilton Direct here.

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